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Your company image says everything about your business. If the design is high quality and professional, customers will see your business in the same light. You only get one chance to make a first impression and in today's competitive business environment, having stand-out graphics puts you solidly ahead of your competition. This is especially true for businesses that are researched online long before the customer selects a company to meet personally. The quality and accuracy of your graphics form their entire perception of your business.     Read more »

Do you need a logo designed in Albuquerque?

Here are some important items to consider when selecting a graphic design professional to create your logo design.

  1. Everyone will be able to tell if you designed your logo yourself. Hire a professional graphic designer.
  2. Be sure that your designer has experience in high quality logo design.
  3. Ask to see samples of previous similar projects, as well as client references.
  4. Does the designer ask key questions and listen to your responses, or are they busy showing your their portfolio and talking about themselves? If they don't show a deep interest in your company, they will not be able to understand your business enough to create a fitting brand image.
  5. Learn what is behind their pricing. Many clients go the "cheap" route, only to reconsider later and have double the expense and headache by reprinting and changing all their marketing materials.
  6. Remember that your logo will represent you in all arenas, and appear on most everything you do. It will be the cornerstone of your marketing and branding efforts. Don't skimp on your image. Think of the long term when choosing someone to design your logo.

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Every company has unique qualities that make them the best choice for certain customers. The discovery and effective communication of these qualities is the foundation for success. Using what clients have referred to as intense listening, insightful questioning and intuitive thinking, Studio Hill Design has developed an expertise in discovering and understanding each client's potential. With this understanding they create strategic marketing materials that reach targeted customers and provide positive, connecting experiences that produce desired results.

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